Did Your New House Get Hit By A Storm? 3 Things To Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

Did Your New House Get Hit By A Storm? 3 Things To Ask Your Roofing Contractor

8 November 2017
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The day you moved into your new house was exciting, yet you never thought that you would be dealing with roof repairs so early. Unfortunately, major storms can generate a great deal of damage within only a short amount of time, but you've already handled the first steps of getting your roof fixed by noticing the damage right away. As you get ready to have your roof repaired, use these questions as a springboard for helping you to work with residential roofing services to get your house back into proper condition.

What Parts Are Being Repaired?

Many homeowners are unaware that there is far more that goes into repairing a roof than just nailing on a few shingles. For instance, residential roofing services can involve replacing the under layers that support the shingles if the damage is severe. Depending upon the damage that was done, you may also need the metal flashing repaired or replaced to prevent water from seeping into the wood around areas such as the chimney. Find out what parts of the roof are being fixed so that you know that everything is being corrected the first time.

How Will You Promote Safety on the Worksite?

Roofing is a serious job that requires the roofers to follow strict safety protocols. Ideally, you should hear that the roofing contractor carries insurance to cover potential accidents, and they should conduct specialized training that teaches each roofer how to stay safe while working off of the ground. A quality roofing company will also take precautions to make sure that discarded roofing materials such as nails and metal go directly into a trash bin so that your family and houseguests are never placed in harm's way.

How Long Will the Process Take?

Naturally, you want the roofers to take enough time to do the job right. Yet, you never want to leave your roof exposed to the elements, especially if another storm is expected to hit. Ask your preferred roofing company when the work can be started and how long they estimate the work to take. Keep in mind that some minor repairs can be completed in one day while more extensive roofing systems may take longer. If your repairs should take longer than a day, then the roofing company should be able to describe how they will protect the property such as by only removing as many shingles as can be replaced within that time period.

A new roof will keep your property dry when the next storm approaches. Although it's never fun to do repairs shortly after buying a house, you can rest assured that your new roof is being done right by making sure to choose a reliable roofing contractor with the experience and equipment to safely conduct prompt repairs.

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