3 DIY Gutter And Roof Repair Tips To Keep You Safe When Repairing Minor Storm Damage

Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

3 DIY Gutter And Roof Repair Tips To Keep You Safe When Repairing Minor Storm Damage

11 December 2017
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When storms cause damage to your home, sometimes it is only minor. You may want to do repairs on your own, but it is important that you first make sure you are safe. Many accidents when doing DIY repairs are from improper use of ladders and falling. Here are some tips that will help ensure you are safe when doing the minor repairs to your home:

1. Avoid the Most Common Ladder Injuries and Use Ladders Correctly

The most common type of injury that happens to homeowners when doing maintenance and repairs is due to improper use of ladders. If you are going to be repairing storm damage to your roof, you never want to use a step ladder. Always make sure you use an extension ladder and extend the rungs above the edge of the roof. Lean the ladder at a safe angle and always read the safety labels before using any type of ladder.

2. Use Caution When There Is Damage to The Utilities Near Your Roof

The utilities around your home may also be damaged and can be a danger when doing minor roof repairs. Before you get started doing repairs to your roof, walk around your home and pay special attention to the phone and power lines. If these are damaged and touching tree branches or your roof, contact the utility service before you get on your roof to do repairs. In addition, never touch branches or building materials that are making contact with power and telephone lines because they can cause electric shock when there is moisture present.

3. Be Aware of Debris and Damaged Roofing That Can Cause Falls

There is also the debris on your roof that can cause a risk of falling and being injured. Take a good look around your roof before you get on it to begin repairs. Stay clear of any loose materials and storm debris that could cause you to slip and fall. It is a good idea to use a fall protection harness and rope for roofing whenever you do maintenance or repairs to the roofing on your home. These specially designed harnesses can often be found at home improvement stores.

These are some tips to help you stay safe when doing minor repairs to storm damage on your home. If you need help with more serious roof damage, contact a roofing professional or a company like Hinckley Roofing to help with inspection and repairs of the damage to your home. 

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