Answering Several Questions About Hardwood Flooring

Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

Answering Several Questions About Hardwood Flooring

29 January 2018
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Hardwood flooring is a popular option for homes and businesses, due to its durability, wide range of aesthetic options, and affordability. To be effective in terms of caring for this type of floor, you will want to know the basics, when it comes to the types of issues that wood flooring can experience.

What Has Caused Parts Of The Floor To Turn Brown Or Black?

You may find that sections of your floor have turned black. This can be an unsightly problem for your flooring to experience. Sadly, it can be a permanent type of damage that will only be repaired by replacing the compromised sections of flooring. This is due to the fact that this is essentially mold that has started growing deep inside the wood. Typically, prolonged exposure to moisture is what causes this type of damage to develop, which will make it essential for you to avoid exposing your wood flooring to large amounts of moisture.

What Is Involved With Replacing Sections Of The Flooring?

When a section of your wood flooring has suffered extensive and permanent damage, replacing it may be the only option. While it may seem as though replacing sections of wood flooring will be a simple task, it can be surprisingly complicated, as the wood planks will have to be perfectly fitted together in order to avoid buckling or separating. Also, you may find it is surprisingly difficult to match the new wood flooring to the existing panels, due to slight color variations. For these reasons, you may want to hire a custom wood flooring professional, so they will be able to create a custom solution for your particular flooring replacement needs. For example, these services will be able to cut replacement panels for your flooring that can seamlessly match your current flooring.

How Do You Extend The Life Of The Wood Flooring?

Wood flooring can be fairly expensive to install or repair. Therefore, you should be mindful to take steps to keep the flooring in the best condition possible. Applying a protective finish can be one of the most effective options for minimizing the wear and tear that your wood flooring may experience. Furthermore, you should regularly clean the flooring. This will remove dust and dirt particles that could otherwise scratch the surface of the floor or absorb the natural oils and moisture from the wood, as this could lead to the floor becoming excessively brittle and dull.

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