Two Great Natural Roofing Materials

Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

Two Great Natural Roofing Materials

23 February 2018
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Your exterior roofing material is your first line of defense from the elements. Not only does it insulate your home, but it protects your roof deck, shielding it from moisture and leaking. Over the years, if your material gets too faded or damaged, it could affect your home insulation. Unfortunately, that usually means that you need to completely replace your roofing material. Even though it is a expensive and inconvenient project, it does have many positive benefits. This article compares two of the most popular roofing materials.

Wood Shingles

Homeowners love natural products when it comes to home construction. This is one reason why wood shingles are still so popular. Wood shingles are stylish, and can be installed on just about any roof. Since it is lightweight, the rood decks does not need to be reinforced. One of the best things about roof shingles is that they are easy to self install. Wood can become damaged by water and termite over the years, so it usually only has a 30 year lifespan.

Nonetheless, since it is so affordable to replace, many homeowners are willing to deal with this. So, if you need to replace your wood, give you a chance to update your style and install a new product that looks great with your current home design.

Clay Tiles

There are an endless amount of clay tile styles to choose from. Clay has long been used in residential roofing because it is similarly affordable, relatively lightweight, and very durable. Compared to wood, clay tiles are heavy. But, compared to other natural stones, clay is very light any easy to work with. Since it is lighter than comparable stone tiles, clay is ideal for roofing. Clay is waterproof, easy to clean, and easy to maintain in the long term. Clay does not need painting, staining or resealing. It stays waterproof even if it is never cleaned or refinished in any way. The shape of clay tiles is one of the biggest perks. Shaped tiles can add a completely new dynamic to your property when they are installed. For instance, rounded tiles create stylish channels and patterns. This also helps to funnel water off of your roof.

Both clay and wood are great residential roofing choices. They are both among the most affordable options on the market, so you should make your decision based on the style that you prefer and your ability to afford the installation and maintenance.

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