Ready To Sell Your Home But Worried About Needed Repairs? What To Do

Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

Ready To Sell Your Home But Worried About Needed Repairs? What To Do

18 April 2018
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If you are ready to sell your home but you know that the roof is old, that it isn't in top condition, and that it could send some flags with the home inspector, consider roof replacement before you list it. This way you can feel confident that buyers won't have an issue with it, you won't have to worry about the buyers asking for repairs or a lower price because of the problem, and you can list a new roof as a great feature on the marketing ad. Asphalt is a top pick, and here are some of the reasons why it's ideal for you while you are selling your home.

Asphalt is Budget Friendly

Asphalt fiberglass shingles are one of the most affordable roofing covering options you can pick from when you want to improve your home, without having to sacrifice getting a high quality material. If you don't want to invest more money than you have to, but you still want to invest in a good product that future buyers will approve of, asphalt shingles are the best choice.

Improves Both Efficiency and Protection

New asphalt shingles will protect your home better than the old shingles that are wearing, bubbling, and blowing off, and they will help improve the efficiency of your home. The old shingles left the base of the roof exposed to problems that can occur with water exposure and pests, but the new singles will be put on securely and help to protect the property. Look at double-thick shingles that help with heating and cooling costs as well.

Gives Your Home a Great Look

Asphalt shingles look great, and when buyers drive by or look at the home they will see that a new roof has been put on. Make sure that you get a color that compliments the home, and that matches the existing shutters and other pieces that are on the house. This new roof will instantly help the curb appeal for the home.

If you already know that the buyers will have problems and concerns about the roof that is currently on your home because of discoloration, damages and other flaws that are under the shingles, call the roofing companies in your area to get quotes for the repairs that are needed. This way you can get the roof fixed with your own budget, and you don't have to worry about buyers wanting a lower sale price or credit for repairs.

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