3 Ways Vinyl Siding Can Benefit Your House

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3 Ways Vinyl Siding Can Benefit Your House

2 May 2018
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When choosing between siding materials, you'll want to look for an option that's both affordable and long-lasting and that has plenty of color options and looks great. Vinyl can fulfill these qualifications; here are three ways it can benefit your house.

1. Vinyl doesn't rot or rust

Unlike wood siding, vinyl won't be susceptible to the microorganisms that cause wood structures to deteriorate. Although vinyl can still be damaged by violent weather in some situations and can experience weathering over long periods of time, it won't experience the slow deterioration from rot or rusting corrosion that other types of siding can encounter. This means that water escaping from the gutters, high-humidity environments, and even leaks won't cause the siding to fail.

2. Vinyl helps keep out bugs

Unlike wood, vinyl isn't attractive to termites. And they won't chew through it to gain access to the rest of your house. Although the siding, of course, doesn't eliminate every possible access point (they could still get in through attic vents, for example, if you don't have small-holed wire mesh covering the vents), it also doesn't welcome termites with open arms.

Unlike wood siding, it doesn't act as one enormous access point that they can tunnel into wherever they want and a huge meal that they can start feasting on before moving on to the rest of the house. True, the wood used for siding is generally pressure treated, but pressure treatments can actually wear off over time (sometimes it only takes a few years before the pressure treated wood starts looking yummy to termites again). 

3. Vinyl allows for insulation

Insulation installs well beneath vinyl siding. If you're a thrifty or eco-conscious homeowner, you know how important it is to insulate your house with plenty of extra insulation to keep the heat and cold out. Vinyl siding plays nice with insulation, making this an easy choice whether you're trying for a passive cooling home or just want to reduce your energy bills.

These three benefits show what a great option vinyl siding can be for homeowners who would like termite resistance, plenty of room for insulation, and excellent resistance to deterioration. Since vinyl is a very popular type of siding due to all these great benefits, you can also find lots of colors, styles, and price points available on the market, allowing you to customize your vinyl siding choice to your project specifications as well as your personal taste. Contact a company, like Leon Construction, for more help.

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