Ways To Keep Algae From Growing On Your Roof

Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

Ways To Keep Algae From Growing On Your Roof

16 May 2018
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Algae stains on your roof make the roof look ugly and worn out, even if it is fairly new. Algae is fairly common on roofs that are under shade or oriented away from the sun. A roofing contractor can clean your roof and help keep the algae from coming back. The approach depends on if you need a new roof or not. Here are some ways to keep algae from making your roof look ugly.

Install Dark Shingles

The main concern with algae is that it stains your roof with black streaks, not necessarily that it damages your roof. If you have a chronic problem with algae and you need new shingles anyway, think about having dark shingles put on. At least the algae won't show as badly as it would on a light roof. Also, don't forget about your trees. It might be possible to get more sunlight on your roof and reduce the amount of algae you have to deal with if you trim back the trees or remove some of them.

Buy Shingles Treated With Copper

Algae on roofs is such a common problem that shingle manufacturers make shingles treated with copper to prevent algae from growing. Algae won't grow on copper, so investing in these shingles could be a good option if you need a new roof anyway. The shingles have a normal appearance from the ground, so the only difference you'll see is a reduction in the black stains that coat your roof every summer.

Put Strips On Your Roof

If you don't need a new roof yet, you can still take advantage of the usefulness of copper by having strips of it put on the top of your roof. When rain rolls off the copper, enough of the metal is spread over the top of your roof to prevent algae from growing. You can have copper flashing installed, too, for added protection. However, as long as there is a continuous strip along the top, most of your roof should be covered. When the strips are first installed, they'll have a shiny copper appearance, but the copper will oxidize into a darker color that blends in with your roof.

If you're tired of seeing dark stains on your roof, then talk to a roofing contractor about ways to keep the algae from growing in the first place. This spares your roof from having to be cleaned, which might cause it to lose granules and wear out if you clean the roof often. The use of copper on your roof could be the best solution for your problem.

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