Reasons Why Spray Foam Is Ideal For Flat Commercial Roofs

Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

Reasons Why Spray Foam Is Ideal For Flat Commercial Roofs

17 July 2018
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When it comes to commercial buildings that have flat roofs, functionality is the name of the game. Where you might be more concerned with style on a residential roof, commercial building owners are understandably more concerned with efficiency, low maintenance, and strength. A large commercial building, especially one with a flat roof, can use a lot of electricity to heat and cool the interior.

Having a roof that will be as insulated and energy efficient as possible is very valuable. This article explains how you can reinforce an existing roof with spray foam coatings. 

Spray Foam Works on Most Roofs

First of all, a spray foam can be applied to pretty much any existing flat roof. If you have concrete, plaster, or stucco, the spray foam can be applied with very little prep work. If you have asphalt roofing sheets, it is probably best if you remove them before applying the spray foam, but it is not 100-percent necessary.

Spray Foam Is Thick and Protective

The great thing about a spray foam coating is that it is thick. This thickness not only protects your existing roof deck, but it also adds more insulation to it. When it is dry, the foam is just a tiny bit rubbery, making it softer than concrete or plaster. This characteristic makes it ideal when it comes to covering up existing blemishes on the roof deck underneath it.

The foam will fill in cracks, crevices, gaps, holes, and dents. Since it levels itself out, the application is very easy and fast. Professionals will apply a spray foam product using a compressor system that enables them to spray large areas in a short amount of time. The labor cost for the installation of a spray foam roof can also be significantly lower than pretty much any other common flat roof product.

Painting Spray Foam Is Easy

Most foam products are white or light in color to help with their solar heat transfer. Lighter colors don't absorb heat, making them much more efficient on hot and sunny days.

Spray foam surfaces are also one of the easiest roof materials to paint. After your foam is dry, you can paint the surface in a number of ways.

No matter how you look at it, you would be hard-pressed to find a flat roof material that is as practical as spray foam. Contact a company that provides commercial roofing services to find out more information.

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