4 Problems That You Will Need To Be Aware Of To Extend The Life Of Your New Wood Roofing

Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

4 Problems That You Will Need To Be Aware Of To Extend The Life Of Your New Wood Roofing

19 April 2019
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If you want to extend the life of your new wood roof, you are going to have to do routine maintenance. There are going to be problems like fungus and damaged roofing repairs that you must deal with to reduce the aging and wear of your wood roof. The following tips will help you identify common wood roofing problems and prevent them from causing your roof's lifespan to be reduced:

1. Choosing Wood Materials With Treatments to Withstand Climatic Conditions

Today, there are many choices of wood roofing materials, which can be natural hand-split shakes or treat wood shingles and shakes. If you live in a climate with high rainfall, choose a material that has been pressure-treated with antifungal treatment. For drier climates, a wood shingle with a fire retardant will help to protect your home from summer wildfires that can destroy your home.

2. Routinely Cleaning Your Wood Roofing to Keep It Free of Dirt and Fungus

Dirt and debris like pollen can get into the grains of wood roofing and lead to serious problems. Therefore, it is important that you keep your roof clean and free of dirt and debris. Be careful not to scrub sealant off the surface when cleaning but use a soft broom to scrub between the cracks of roofing materials to remove debris. Doing this will help prevent serious problems with the fungus that can take hold where foreign debris is lodged in the grains of the wood materials.

3. Replacing Cracked, Cupped, or Damaged Wood Roofing Materials

Over the years, there are going to be shingles or shakes that crack or warp out of shape. These wood roofing materials will need to be replaced before they cause the damage to your roof to spread. In addition, you will also want to inspect your roof after storms and high winds and look for missing pieces of roofing materials that need to be replaced. Doing minor repairs when they are needed will prevent more serious damage to wood roofing materials, such as water damage, rot, and fungus growth.

4. Routinely Stain and Seal Wood Roofing Materials to Protect Against Wear and Damage

It may also be a good idea to protect your wood roofing with a regular coat of sealant. Before you apply the sealant to the roofing materials, you may want to stain it to give it a fresh new look. You can stain the wood materials before sealing them, or you may want to use a sealant that already has a stain in it.

These are some tips that will help you get a longer life out of wood roofing materials and prevent the common causes of wear and damage. If you want to have an attractive new wood roof, contact a residential roofing company like Roofing by George & Home Improvements, Inc and talk to them about options like wood shingles or hand-split shakes. 

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