Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

4 Choices Of Materials When Replacing Asphalt Shingles With Wood Shakes

15 May 2019
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There are many different choices of materials to replace asphalt shingles, but none of them are as timeless and attractive as wood roofing. Not all wood roofing is the same and you want to know about the different options before choosing the right roofing for your home. The following materials are some of the choices that you will want to consider before replacing asphalt shingles with wood roofing materials: 1. Wood Shake Alternatives Where Wood Roofing is Prohibited by Law Read More …

4 Problems That You Will Need To Be Aware Of To Extend The Life Of Your New Wood Roofing

19 April 2019
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If you want to extend the life of your new wood roof, you are going to have to do routine maintenance. There are going to be problems like fungus and damaged roofing repairs that you must deal with to reduce the aging and wear of your wood roof. The following tips will help you identify common wood roofing problems and prevent them from causing your roof's lifespan to be reduced: Read More …

Comparing TPO And EPDM Flat Roofs

6 February 2019
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Flat roofs are most commonly used for commercial properties, and there are a range of different materials that can be used. Two of the most common flat roof membranes are TPO and EPDM roofing, both of which are created out of rubber materials. However, they each possess a different set of characteristics. Understanding what the major differences are between these types of flat roofing materials can help you choose the one that is the best fit for your roof. Read More …

4 Tips To Help Choose The Right Windows And Best Style For Your Replacement Project

15 January 2019
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There are many different energy improvements that you can invest in for your home, but few of them are as good as replacement windows and other window improvements. When you invest in replacement windows, you are adding value to your home, which means you want to choose the right windows and right style for your home. Here are some tips to help you choose the right windows and style for your replacement project: Read More …

Addressing Problems With Your Home’s Solar Roof

16 December 2018
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Solar power is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy for homeowners to utilize. Most often, this is done through the use of solar roofing that is able to capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity. While solar roofing systems are normally extremely reliable, there are some potential issues that homeowners may need to be prepared to address or avoid. Appreciate The Full Range Of Potential Warning Signs Of Solar Roof Problems Read More …

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