Is the roof on your home looking a little worse for the wear? Learn tips for identifying when you need to replace your roof.

5 Reasons To Choose Composite Shingles For A Tiny House

10 March 2017
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The trendiness of tiny houses has many people attempting to build them with little to no experience in choosing materials. Even if you've built a cabin or house before, you may not know which shingles are best for a roof that is subjected to vibrating forces from travel or extreme seasonal weather changes. Find out why composite roofing is a good choice for both mobile and stationary tiny houses of all types. Read More …

3 Roofing Problems That Can Cause Brown Streaks On Your Siding

7 March 2017
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If you noticed brown streaks on your home's siding and called a siding contractor for repairs, you may have been surprised to hear the contractor tell you that you need a roofing contractor like Bob Behrends Roofing & Gutters LLC instead. Brown streaks on siding are signs of extensive water damage in the structure of your home, which typically results from damage to the roofing and/or the roofing structure. Here are a few problems to look for. Read More …

A Beginner’s Guide To Caring For Your Slate Roof

26 January 2017
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From its organic beauty and durability to the fact that it can greatly increase the resale value of your home, according to Roofing Calc, there are several reasons to choose slate roofing. If you've purchased a home that features a slate roof, or if you have recently had your asphalt shingles replaced with slate tiles, chances are you want to know everything you can about how to preserve your new roof's beauty. Read More …

5 Tips For Patching A Lightly Damaged Foam Roof Coating

2 December 2016
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Foam coatings for flat roofs are generally added as part of repairs or renovation of an existing roof, and the durability of the foam allows it to last for years with minimal maintenance. However, small holes and cracks will eventually appear in the foam's surface after enough time passes due to falling branches, hail, birds, and other common roof hazards. Using these tips to patch small damaged spots on your foam-coated roof will give you the best possible results to prevent leaks. Read More …

Remodeling Your Asphalt Roof: Should You Replace Your Roof Or Just Cover It?

18 October 2016
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If you plan to remodel your home, you might decide to cover up some things instead of replace them to save money, including your asphalt roof. Although installing new shingles over your old shingles may seem like the best option for you right now, it may come back to haunt you later. Depending on your roof's age and overall condition, it might have some damage below the shingles and underlayment you can't see, including wood rot from rain and holes from insects. Read More …

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